After Event a Network

After the event, you have achieved your goals, and you got a collection of business cards.

A few more events and you can create a right card pyramid and run out of space in your purse. An option is to take a photo on your phone and an album called business cards For this you will never lose them, and you will remember what date and when you receive it.

If you want to contact someone still but you haven’t seen them over a year. Message them and let them know your updates, with LinkedIn this has made it a more natural process, including articles that you recently mentioned or updates materials that are relatable to the person. This is much easier on LinkedIn and is all on one platform.

There was mathematical research connecting people in the Western world. It is only six steps to connect with someone else like Beyonce or the CEO. Is consistently having that optimism attitude that you can.

A challenge which people struggle but I feel is essential for future developments to Connect people outside of your industry or area. People who have a similar lifestyle, connect to their connections. Is it your interested in other and weak tides and met once and touched. They relate to different people.

You need to have a coffee with them yet. Yours follow up will be enough to remind you are around.

If you are keen on more research at the event, when you finishes, you can ask the host for the guest list and see you were there. When you can to give you an advantage. The guest list of people you want to meet advance, but Don't do too much.

During this time, be aware of your current goals for the next six months and aware who will be great to have a coffee. I will talk about the coffee meet up, and you only do it if that person is happy to help and you have essential questions that need an answer from them than researching further.

A few blogs to give you some ideas and preparation before and during a networking event. What was the most exciting factor? I wish I knew these when I was in my university, but I learnt through trial and error and observed great networkers. This tips can be transparent in interviews situations. However, I will go further at a later date.

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