Tell Me About Yourself

The most awkward question in networking and interview “So tell me about yourself” or the elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is speaking to a stranger (investor, client, CEO) and presented them with your idea with only your words and charisma in less than two mins. This is the challenge.

In the network events, you know that this question can frequently ask but nobody prepares, and we practice at the moment.

When people say, this questions majority says their job title and description. This can be repetitive, and the challenge is to make you memorable.

In every challenge, you faced you face it on. Sometimes over thinking that will suit a person can be complicated. What everyone likes and it is significant marketing is Storytelling. There are different ways, and they're no formula that fits all.

The listener to your story needs to see the value and answering can this person can collaborating and solve my challenges. Time is a precious commodity and being prepared for who is coming can makes changes to open doors for you and your career.

So going back in the elevator pitch, a person who is passionate in digital marketing to a person who has built has some followers in these months has more context and shows the value.

This sounds simple for sales and marketing figures, but for others, it can be testimonials storytelling and your self-awareness of your strengths.

When I heard this story, I was amazed and showed what we have been speaking about this story.

JFK* toured in NASA, and he spoke to a man sweeping the floors. JFK said the question “Tell me about yourself” The man said, “I help people to put on the moon”.

Can I say how fantastic introduction for a cleaner. He didn’t mention his job title or description but his value in the company.

*if you don't know JFK, Google John F. Kennedy, 35th President of United States.

I went to a workshop and one of the exercise is Introduction someone starting with “ What I do is a simple idea……”.

For example, a Magician meets the couple who is planning their wedding.

“tell me about yourself” is similar to “What tricks you do on the wedding?”

The magician could make a response with descriptions “I can doing coin tricks, card trick, etc.”. However his response “ I will make your wedding much better than your siblings or best friend”.

With the description answer, the couple (or interviewer/listener) could respond “we might meet other magicians tomorrow”. It is a genuine, valuable and cheeky answer. However, it is memorable.

You got to be No one fan of yourself and be interest and enthused what you do because no one will be attracted to a miserable person. You see this in any business.

When you light up in the room, and you got your message. For entry-level or is doing the same job for years, you need to remember why I am doing your role in the first place.

During the “ What I do is a simple idea……” exercise, a scientist had a reflection and got emotional because she is reminding why she is doing her job. In the fast pace, modern life, we forget why we are doing it in the first place. It doesn’t matter what it is (playing music, sales, marketing or design). It is important to remember.

To remember this will make you to focus on your values and to connect, engage and be memorable at these events and even interviews.


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