Names and Follow-up

Are you a person who forgets names?

It depends on they have loud music in the event; it is essential to listen.

“Opposite talking is listening. The opposite of talking is waiting for your turn to talk again”.

When they introduce their name, comment about it. For example is it Stacy with “ie.” or “y” Francesca with an “h” or “z”. This will help you to remember and being repetitive “I agree, Hamza” for example, however, don’t do it to everyone because people will know what you are doing and don’t rely on name badges.

They usually have spent their name wrong and looking at someone chest while reading is not the best way to start your discussion and introduction.

When you have the tools and build your confidence in networking, people will attract to you. Is like when you are now in a relationship, and people start to be attractive to you. Set goals as guidance and motivation, like I am going to speak to 3 people tonight or where you want to achieve in 6months.

The worse thing to say to a consultant and is relatively new is “Who is that persons, I don’t know who that person is”.

After the event, Is giving a follow up from your new given business cards. We are all human and times go by quickly. 67% of people do forget to give a following up. However, it is a bad feeling when you have a business card, and you can’t remember where you have received it. This is why LinkedIn and other social media is used to keep connected. That is the reason why LinkedIn is more than a CV online profile.

If you need to contact someone that you haven't seen for at least a year or so Yes speak to them and catch up.

A Chinese phrase says the best time to plant the tree is 20 years ago, 2nd best time to plant the tree is today.

All the information is through trial and error, and the first networking event can be daunting. Where do you see yourself in the next 6-months?


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