Scary Place of Networking

You might be a person that the first thing you want to do is to go to a networking event. While speaking to freelancers, consultants and business developers at least 50% of their work come from word of mouth.

When you just started in the industry, and you are building up your connections. Word of mouth is underrated than a social media strategy. We create gants chart and discussion on marketing strategy but not your plan for a networking event. I have currently realised that you need to be overall skills to succeed.

The positive things about word of mouth:

- word of mouth is free

- quickly to build trust with a person.

- getting attention to your clients

That sounds simple but why networking feels daunting and scary. The moment you are at the event. You are presenting who you are and when to say hello you begin your story.

When you are nervous, and your body language reflects your emotions. You are introducing yourself, your story or your first 90 secs is that. How would you feel if someone portrays that for you?

You are going to an event that you are meeting and greet strangers. You don’t know who there are and you need to greet like a friend. You were now talking to strangers when your parents said not to in childhood.

So what is your response or introduction to a “stranger” in an event? The first minute is majority introduce to a stranger is more like a detective Who are you, Where are you from, What is your hobby or What do you do?

Why we do that and not be our natural creative self.

Being the same as another person and being predictable.

You can is boring

Everyone aspects your next questions

Is more difficult to stand out.

Have significant insights

While great networker is honest in a business setting

They can Build the trust

They pass the conversation and getting into the in-depth discussion

In a Scernio, you are chatting a person, and you are running out of topics.

There are four categories that people will be interested.

- Love (Family, Friends)

- Money (University and cash)

- Leisure (hobbies and interest) This section can be overused.

- Health (work, life, balance)

As well it also how you execute or project the questions. If you were giving boring questions, you would receive boring answers, and the majority of people has an opinion on a topic. With the categories, current issues and asking how people feel or suggest in a subject.

So now you have four categories of areas to a discussion, finding current topics or articles in the media. Afterwards, you feel prepared and confident that you have something to talk about to a total stranger.

I am going to continue to this topic because I feel where to develop and is something you learn through trial and error.

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