Great Networkers

When I have gone to networking and saw great networkers, they genuinely connected to the person. They are interested in the person then trying to promote themselves. They are genuinely listening to a person and conversational net what motivates them and what they think and lead to a connection and be more memorable.

With social media and LinkedIn, you can connect with clients and colleagues than keeping updated with details than a business card. However, it is a tool.

When I started in the world of networking, I always ask these great networkers, and you might know at least one how they;

- getting out of a conversation how to enter a discussion in a corporate environment

Look around and scan the room, make a decision

The response is why are you over thinking. Be assertive and go for it.

When you are looking the room and if you see a person who is alone. There might be looking at the phone, so they look busy. Is good to go up and speak to them. Judging people and walk to the room and talk to a person who is alone. They appreciate that someone has come up to them and started a conversation.

If you are that person, who is alone in a networking event. Ask the organiser/moderator of the event and ask them for help. Is part of their role and they will be grateful that they are supporting their guest.

To leave the conversation recently been a struggle but I notice specific hints by asking the future is the beginning of the conclusion of the discussion. Ask the person “is there anyone who would like to see tonight?” or “who else you want to meet tonight?”. If they are meeting Faye, for example, we can respond “Let's meet Faye and

Is nice to talk to you.”

A person said to me this and is similar to advertisement and sales. When you are meeting a new person or a stranger for the first time, the best conversation is the shortest. The best networkers can keep it short, sweet and still get achieving their goals.

What is the most awkward experience in networking?

What reason was an event the best for you? Was it the size of people, discussion panel or a workshop?

Next blog is exciting, is about the elevator pitch and how to promote yourself. When I heard about JFK went to Nasa. A person who responded with optimism and enthusiasm.

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