Reflection, Pixl, Flipside Programme

What did I learn

The 2nd group from Flipside was different dynamics to the first. It was chalk and cheese because their weakness is being a people person, while that is my strength. I played a different role as a strategist, and I had to change and adapt to their needs. A member is a visual person, while the other is verbal. Being resilient to the body language of the group is more pessimistic. I put words into actions and get the amount of information and research by being assertiveness, especially in the Guerrilla testing and giving suggestions to the team.

Unfortunately, one of our members left halfway through to family commitments. From this, I had to step up as the product manager and get the prototype done. Without this, we would not finish the prototype. We had a shorter amount time to create the prototype and pitch, due to the bank holiday Easter (Friday-Monday).

What did I do well?

I kept the optimism to the end, again the positive feedback from the directors was the depth of Qualitative research. My public speaking improves due to getting advice from the agencies, clearly understand the agile method using card sorts strategy.

What can I appreciate about the team?

The communication and language within the group were different.

I appreciate that the team was a different dynamic and is strengthen areas of my development and growth, which I want to continue to be more resilient. During the process and which I will go into the conclusion of Flipside, where I have errors to project my skills. I want to continue to develop and advance in strategy and management.

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