Reflection 4Aces, Flipside

What did I learn?

During the process, I realise my strengths, which is managing the team. I appreciate my team feedback "Loretta is the glue that holds the team together." Especially one of our members was currently battling situations in her personal life. Still, see the potential in her and support her by focusing on her strengths graphic design. She made it to the pitch, which is the second part is unable.

As a product manager, my awareness of people's strengths so they can thrive while managing balance on personalities was natural to me. The communication was clear, and there was an openness to discuss any issues.

What did I do well?

The impact in the group is that we all of the members through to the end. The feedback from the directors has we had the most depth of research, and there's an equal distribution of the pitch between the members.

I manage on peoples needs, for example, giving time to a team member who had social anxiety and worried about presenting the pitch. I contribute time, support and advice for this member and he got the best feedback on his pitching skills, which I am proud of an shown that I can rise my team member up.

I have critical thinking. Especially, being assertive and asking questions and being aware and observe what does the team need to move forward. From this, I have created a positive impact and resolve issues that could affect the team.

Due to my assertiveness and communication skills, the agencies gave an example to the flipsiders of what they would like to see in couples days, and the pressure and confusion and pressure resolved.

What can I improve for the next team and hope for the future group on Flipside?

The mindset of a Self Leader is an area of development out of the four mindsets. For more information check out my blog. I want my future team to test me more on this mindset for personal and professional development.

I enjoy to give guidance and support the designers on the sketch and support the designers on Invision, and I want to continue further to explore Sketch.

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