Overall Conclusion, Flipside

After the positive feedback from the Pixel team, We had our final week with the Flipside programme.

Half of the week we prepared our showcase event at Ustwo, to show our overall experience and to celebrate the end of the programme. Our created our culture and our skills and development throughout the curriculum and network.

What did I found out preparing for this event?

I was pitching a slide with Michelle, UX designer about the 2nd half of programme with Beyond and Made By Many. We didn't have the chance to work in brief together. However, we have a close bond, and I was able to adapt to her and plan our pitch.

The first part of the presentation, there was a lot of focus, sincere and long-face about the flipside programme, our culture we created and the first half of the schedule with Ustwo and Sennep. I aim to bring humour, be briskly on what we learnt and memorable, to keep the presentation forward.

With that in mind, we created a Beyond (myself) vs Made By Many (Michelle) and compared to their culture and workshops at their agencies. Before the presentation, the Beyond gave presents of their exclusive hat. I wore the hat to add more contrast.

Michelle and I had a short amount of time; we had 30mins to rehearse and organise how we want to present this and order what we want to say.

During the presentation, I lead the pitch to keep it flow and moving forward and be aware of sections we wanted to say. I felt my public speaking has improved humongous since the first presentation in late January. Is due to deep breaths and leading the crowd.

Majority of the feedback of the presentation was about our section and said what about the other two agencies, which was an intriguing response. I felt I achieved my goal to make our part memorable.

After the presentation, there was networking, but it was efficient due to the late hour on a Wednesday evening.

The next morning, there was mix emotions. I was not ready to leave Flipside, and I felt there is something that I am missing to develop for the real world. We sat in a circle similar to the first day, and only eight of the twelve was there through to some circumstances. The worry and nervousness were in the air. Luckily, we had workshops: Hustle and Resilience.

There were emotional frustration and anxiety with the group, which the programme is ending. These workshops were useful and presented at the right time, and I am grateful to participant in the studio. Some of the discussion, on recent books, that previously. It connected to the dots from previous development and current. It gave a net of encouragement and confidence to continue my direction of curiosity, optimism and ambition.

The exercises that I will go into depth on my blog and other activates I do after Flipside.

What do I realise now to move forward and succeed?

Before Flipside, I didn't know how to present or express, who I am, What I do and the elevator pitch was dawning for me.

Due to connecting some of my frustrations and create a label which is 'Be selfish", what I mean is to encourage, hustle and portray my capabilities and strengths and be hyped about my skills.

There have been times I say an idea and the most extrovert person will represent it to the group and they like and think it's their idea, which I realise is to build confidence and show how to portray within the team appreciably.

I realise this has happened to a handful of flipsiders and I've gone into depth to solve this situation on the blog.

With optimism and moving forward, I have created a portfolio which shows my developments and processes, a blog about behavioural scenarios, mindsets and more topics, a simplified user journey on the website and confidence to display content. For more updates on my process subscribe to the newsletter.

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