Induction Week of Flipside Programme

The first week of the Flipside programme, we meet the 12 flipsides that we are together for the next 12 weeks. I haven't met the majority of people.

My previous experience in participating programmes and be aware not hoping too much for the outcome. There have been times a schedule will mislead the result of their agenda. That taught me you create your impact, not others.

The first day in anything has the same emotions such as nervous, curious, worry about the people. They are still strangers. Through the induction week, we did exercises and getting to know each other better, before a brief. We had a group, who are from a minority background, 10/12 were women, mixed, Asians and black.

The skills from the programme brought aware that we are representing diverse young backgrounds that can bring prejudice and stereotypes and the 12 participants (Flipsiders) vision is to reshape the digital industry and how diversity brings positive impact to a business.

On our first day, they gave us aware of that this programme is a pilot and they need our feedback input to improve the process. Flipsiders were all different, interest and background. Chinese and Management, Art, director graphic designer, music and entrepreneur. This idea to collaborate with agencies into one programme and how to structure the format has never existed.

We didn't have a timetable yet or schedule of the programme. A repetitive phrase which follows us through the plan is "Trust the Process".

The actual exercises that we participated will be on my blog, how it was useful and why did they presented activities to us, which focus on soft skills and essential in a work environment.

What did I bring to Flipside and the induction week?

We started in the new year 2018, after a few years in a long mental battle. I took the duck to water. I open up to who I am to the group bring humanity and showing my appreciation when a person showed their vulnerability because this showed trust in my support and be open, which is hard in the world we are currently living. I gave the space in flipside to be open and create a family atmosphere and keeping the optimism throughout the process, which will be essential for the next 12-weeks of hard work and under pressure.

At the end of the week, we found out who is our mentor by a number out of a bag, which works. My mentor was wearing the same colour top and skirt, and similar personality.

Let's start 2018 with a BANG!

#Workplace #Growth

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