Keeping A Promise

I am keeping a promise from a very close friend. My struggle with weight and being a woman in a workplace. Let's say industries progress can be slow.

A healthy BMI and I were ready for a plastic surgeon to remove my excess skin which 1,000,00 of situps will not get rid of a problem.

I did half marathons and went to the gym five times a week. Years of hard work and my dream is to get the surgeon.

On my last consultant with NHS was accepted, unfortunately, reaching for the dream body failed from some issues:

-Lack of support of NHS and other organisations (which I won't say on this platform).

-Inadequate management from NHS.

-Surrounding with Toxic people.

A rabbit hole to other problems.




-Bad habits came back.

Currently, I am saving money on a minimum wage in London; my goal is £30k which is the amount of a private surguries. It is a struggle, and it can be frustrated at times. However, I am determined to reach this goal, while living in the city.

My friend which I'll call 'Rosie' has an opposite problem to me. She looks fit, but her blood pressure, cholesterol is high and myself, I am obese, but I am active and currently cycle around London. Rosie could not run a 100m's; this is the level I am talking which is opposite ends.

We promised because Rosie is aware of her situation and knows about my experience. This person will give support that I would not have from family and other friends. Majority friends say "We love how you are". Have you experienced this?

Being a big girl and going back to the gym, it is daunting and getting into the gym is a significant achievement itself, but now my mindset is that the gym time for me. An hour which is focusing on yourself.

Everyone knows that fitness can help with mental health. However, it will 100% will give me my dream body, look like an Instagram model.

I am keen to be more efficient and pushing myself into the workouts will build your confidences, getting better sleep and more energy at work and with family and friends. A win-win situation. Going to the gym for the first step and doing it alone can be a struggle. That's why I am communicating with a close friend, who lives a different area of London.

I am going to be brutally honest. I worry Magnificat, people starving (we see them), over sweat, awkward moments, workout, being consistent. Things is that majority of a skinny six-pack fitness model have a team behind them, and they might haven't experienced the awkward moments going to the gym. What to call this process, I am calling this Fat Girl vs Gym or FGvG as short.

My aim is first to feel good and getting improve my body fat mass, NOT LOSING WEIGHT. As well, getting back into fitness tournaments. I've learned my lesson that exercise, diet is the best way and it is a lifestyle, as well a teaming up with my friend will encourage me, which currently I can't afford PT and not doing this process alone.

#Growth #FGvG #Commitment

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