4 Toxic Horsemans

I have previously looked at mindsets and going deeper how the four mindsets are useful to remind about during in workplace. It is essential to be aware of the opposite of optimism, top four toxic behaviours that can affect the work culture.

First, you have the inner circle of your department/team, and you create your culture: What is your work culture and how does it look? Adding the Code of Conduct, from the outer circle of the company/agency, other departments and clients.

Including stimulus and responsibility, stages of group development, self- awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management and critical thinking skills, levels of listening, T-shape method and four steps of competence, which I will go into depth on another day.

Four Toxic Behaviours are blaming, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling.

Blaming Behaviour can be:

- Aggressive

- Attack

- Bullying

- Domination

- Over Driving the process.


- Refusal to take responsibility

- They would say "It's not my fault".

- Victimisation

- Not open to influence or listening



Disrespectful Tone


Personal Attacks


Hostile Humour

Demeaning Gossip




Not Open to influences or listening

Going around the chain of command



Have you experienced any of these behaviours? How did you overcome it? It is hard because can bring a permissive atmosphere and frustration, which will affect the work the reputation of an agency.

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