Before reading this blog, I would highly recommend reading Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential by Dr Carol Dweck. Shes talks about two mindsets (fixed and growth). A quote from Dr Dweck which I have noticed during my experiences. " It is not always who start out the smartest, who end up the smartest."

Fixed Mindset:

- Avoid Challenges

- Give up quickly due to obstacles

- See effort as fruitless

- Ignore useful feedback

- Be threatened by other success

Growth mindset:

- Embrace Challenges

- Persist despite obstacles

- See effort as a path

- Learn from criticism

- be inspired by other success

This mindset continues on growth mindset gives between your self- awareness, critical thinking, self- management, social awareness and relationship management skills. During the Flipside programme, we were getting aware of these mindsets when we were in a type of situations relating to these mindsets.

There are four mindsets: People Person, Self Leader, Value Seeker, Explorer.

People Person

This mindset takes an interest in humans as emotional beings. When activated, you observe your thought patterns, habit and emotional triggers about others, events, situations and circumstances from a place of scientific curiosity rather than one of identity. You do not define yourself by your habits and know that we can change. The People Person mindset also pays attention to what might be going on for others. It is the source of empathy and social skills that the Self-Leader mindset embraces fully.

Self Leader

The full embodiment of the Self Leader mindset is one who takes responsibility for their world - matter how big or small you choose that world to be. And at its core, it starts with your inner world. The Self-Leader knows that how you respond to people or situations is a direct

Value Seeker

This mindset finds value in everything. It does not judge things or situations in a negative term - especially failures. It is an optimist and opportunist, seeking the silver lining in every cloud. The Value Seeker works with the Explorer and People Person mindset to see possibilities in the world around you and the people in it.


This mindset refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when exploring at an advanced level. It is an unwavering interest in the world around you. To go beyond your immediate thoughts and judgments and see things from different perspectives. The Explorer mindset embraces ambiguity, tests ideas and learns from failure. The Explorer mindset is a sibling to the People Person.

Which one do you feel relates to your strengths and place to develop?

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