How Did I Adapt?

When you did so many work experiences, internships and programme, you will have aware on a different type of people in your team. You'll see the good, the bad and the ugly, unfortunate these opportunities are preparing you the real world when the responsibility and pressure in the real world. However, the important things are how did you manage to succeed, get the job done and not let the baggage let you down.

The most important thing is never your surroundings affect your mindset. I can go into to depth in a later post in depth but let talks about the basics.

Have you heard this phrase before?

1. What Kind Of People Are In Your Group

When you start working in a new team, you need to find out about them.

- Who they are

- Where are they come from

- What is their background

- What is their interest

- Is there any current topics you can discuss with them

- Who is their inspiration

- What topics are they interested?

More information, more data and awareness of their strengths and interest.

2. Icebreaker/Energiser

If you are an actor, children music workshops or teambuilding workshops, then you have experienced this. It was a game. Something to warm-up in the morning, energise or wake you up after a lunch break slump, and something to do when you have a creative block.

There are many different types of energisers; someone said Hangman is not an energiser. However, it depends how energetic the group is. Sometimes jumping up and down is not a great thing after lunch. This method is used to get to know the people, break the awkward silences and building interaction, whoever they are extrovert or introvert.

3. Culture in the team

What does this mean? Every company/agency/start-up has different habits, patterns and agreements in their workplaces

For example, a company will allow dogs in the workplace, a yoga session every Wednesday morning, there was one time, I went to an agency and every Friday, there will be a live DJ, drinks and Mario Kart in the there main meeting room.

It sounds cool but is more than yoga, dogs and Mario Kart. Is about how do you work and communicate with each other. For example, I appreciate for you to look at me when I am talking. This topic, I can discuss more at a later date.

4. Who is introvert or extrovert on your team?

You will be surprised how different personalities are when they're in and out of work. There is one person that I work with would panicking, worry and flushed about a deadline on a Tuesday. (For example) them on a Monday evening, they would go out and get drunk.

What I am trying to say that you never know how colleagues or friends will be like at work till you work with them.

5. Do you have mutual friends?

You'll be surprised how small the world is. During the interview process for Flipside, a person I worked from a previous course came, and we had a good catch up. After the interview process, we spoke another girl, and we talked through the process. We walked together on the station and during that time I HOPE we got in.

Before Christmas, we found out we did, which I was sooooo relief. On the induction week, I found out a person, and I have a mutual friend. This process showed me, what path you take or choose, if its the good, the bad and the ugly. It will create an impact on your life, and that circle and connections that you have built will be surprising, that takes time and patience to develop and change depending on your circumstances.

The reason why networking is essential, buts that is another discussion on another day.

6. You will never know when you see this person AGAIN.

Continue on the last bulletin and the reason you ALWAYS never want to have baggage for anyone, because you never know when you see them again and connections they might have.

For example, I connected with a group of people on a course and afterwards during the jobhunting stages, one of the members introduce myself and a friend to a person who is fundamental can create an idea into a million investment, which boosts confidence into my friend's opinion. It was crazy, and it would not happen if I suggested to the group lets meet next week at the Ace Hotel. I can talk more about creating impact. This topic will change the outcome of your group.

7. What are your team strengths?

With some knowledge and some assumptions, you have aware of their skills. For example, if someone says I am a graphic designer, their experience is in software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Affect effects, etc. Even though in the first few days you might know how advance there are or how quick they can create a logo but at least see the area of their expertise.

8. Last but not at least MINDSETS!

What is that? People might mix between mindset and attitudes. You might hear this phrase "You have a bad attitude". They don't, but their mentality has not strengthed yet to adopt and their emotion or lack of confidence in some way. I will talk more about the Four Toxic Horsemans and mindsets later on. There are so many methods, and that doesn't include motivation speakers.

These are very basic, and there is so more to talk. However, I don't like writing to much in a post. More information on what has been useful from my experience.

To be honest, there is so more to talk about, but I don't like to overload on a post. Was it useful? Have you experienced those awkward silence with a group of people? Do you know how to network? How and why do feel that way?

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