Music Learning Revolution, Musical Futures Conference               @ the Brewery.

An innovative conference on current developments in education. A wide of workshops, discussion and debates, which introduces by a presentation by Lord David Puttnam. It’s rare to hear someone talk so passionately and with such reflection on the power of music and the importance of resilience.  There were four primary panel debates which covered diverse topics including formal and informal learning, whether the assessment can be innovative and creative. 

Rising Future, Wired4Music @ the Roundhouse 

Rising Futures was a day long music industry event, packed with inspiring masterclasses and talks. Rising Futures aimed to be a day that would inspire, empower, encourage and to continue to pursue their passion in music, equipped with industry insight, live and direct from professionals. From the reaction of the members and their active contributions and engagement, it is safe to say, that this is something that we have achieved. 


Flipside Panel Event @ HereEast 

The final week and overall reflection after the showcase and discussion on how to collaborate and develop in the digital industry at HereEast, Stratford. An area which has informed since the London Olympics 2012, and creates London Legacy Development Corporation to manage follow the Olympics Legacy

Interviewing David Putnam, CBE at Music Learning Revolution Conference

I feel strongly that young people’s voices are a key part of any debate and I am immensely proud of Loretta, who contributed passionately and eloquently across the day. It was particularly great to hear colleagues in the audience comment that their presence on the panels really grounded the debate.


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